Official Statement Regarding the Cancellation of Ultimate Arena Product Keys

On Saturday July 30th, 2016 we decided to promote Ultimate Arena’s release by giving out 30,000 copies for free to users who subscribed to our newsletter and followed us on Twitter. Thanks to our great fans the promotion mostly went off without a hitch, but we noticed a large number of copies (5-6+) were being obtained by single IP addresses which violated our rule of one copy per customer.

Roughly 10% or 3,000 copies had to be cancelled as we will not tolerate those who intend to take advantage of us. It’s likely that these people intended to resell Ultimate Arena via unauthorized distributors.

There is a possibility that we had to cancel keys that were obtained fairly, and we’d like to offer our most sincere apologies. We are happy to replace your key if you contact us via Twitter or Facebook. If you have any questions regarding this incident please contact me directly at, we have a strict transparency policy and we intend to uphold it to the best of our abilities.


Troy Bonneau
President of Triverske

triverske / August 1, 2016 / Meta, Ultimate Arena