Ultimate Arena | Steam Workshop

Ultimate Arena 2.0 (which is now out by the way) brings Steam Workshop support. You can now share characters, maps, and events with the world without digging into the game files. It’s quite fantastic.


Although we’ve made the character, event, and map making process quite easy, it can be a pain to amass a large library of content. The Steam Workshop fixes this problem by letting you click on the item you want then hitting subscribe. The next time you start up the game Ultimate Arena your new stuff will be there. Pretty cool right?


And if clicking on something and hitting subscribe was simply too monotonous for you the community has gone ahead and made collections of different types of content. With a single click you too can get all of the “Communist Leaders in History”. All in all, Ultimate Arena is better than ever with the overflowing amounts of new content.

Check out Ultimate Arena on Steam if you’ve somehow avoided adding it to your library by now!


Troy Bonneau
President of Triverske


triverske / August 23, 2016 / Meta, Ultimate Arena