Circuit Breakers Remastered HDeluxe | Coming 2018

Circuit Breakers, Unite!

If you’ve grown tired of endless content updates have we got some incredible news to share. Circuit Breakers has a new look and it’s more gritty, more cinematic than the last time you saw it. Circuit Breakers Remastered HDeluxe features zero gameplay improvements over its predecessor and more bloom per pixel than its competition.

“We were really excited to add physically based rendering to Circuit Breakers” Triverske President Troy Bonneau said, “The game is more cluttered and difficult to see, but you definitely are getting a true cinematic experience. Our engineers have outdone themselves and made the game run at a near-solid 24 frames per second”

Great graphics comes at a price though, Circuit Breakers Remastered HDeluxe will be available as a $44.99 standalone title or $43.99 for existing owners of Circuit Breakers. “It’ll be worth it” Troy said, “Everyone understands the more you pay for a game, the more you like it.”

Circuit Breakers Remastered HDeluxe comes out late 2018, with the option to delay to 2019 or maybe never.

triverske / March 31, 2018 / Uncategorized