How to Make Clothes for ULTIMATE ARENA: SHOWDOWN

Starting in version 1.1.9 anyone can submit clothes they want to see in ULTIMATE ARENA: SHOWDOWN to the Steam Workshop. This page of information is here to help you create content efficiently.

Note: We cannot accept clothes items with copyrighted/trademarked material on them (i.e. no Coca-Cola shirts, Batman shirts, etc) and these items will be removed.

Fighter UV Map Photoshop File

First you’ll want to download the fighter UV layout (These two pictures or the Photoshop file above), Schmoes in ULTIMATE ARENA: SHOWDOWN each use 1 texture for the whole body. You’ll want to leave the parts that you’re not using completely transparent for the best results.

Start by going to the Schmoe editor and hitting “Create Workshop Clothes”, that will bring you to the page that lets you try textures on a model and upload to the workshop.

Here’s an example of what a shirt looks like:

As I mentioned before, you’ll want to make the parts you aren’t using transparent, otherwise your clothing item will be a full-body suit.

Once you’ve done that, fill in the Title and Description and select what kind of clothing item it is in the Type dropdown. if your item covers more than one type, set it to the one you think better describes it and we’ll handle the technical side if it gets accepted into the game. Hit upload to workshop to (almost) publish to the Steam Workshop.

Navigate to the ULTIMATE ARENA: SHOWDOWN Workshop page and you’ll see something close to this, click “Your Files” under “Your Workshop Files” and then click “Items you’ve posted”

Fill out the remaining information and hit finalize and that completes your workshop item!

You might be wondering, “How can I upload 3D models and test those?”. We aren’t quite ready to start accepting 3D models into the game, as we are still working on a way to make that easy and fast for content creators. There’s a couple roadblock that we’re going to have to overcome before we release that functionality publicly but know that it’s in our plans for the near future. In the meantime the quickest way to prepare yourself is to become familiar with the game and watch our news feeds for more info.

Happy Creating!


triverske / April 16, 2018 / Ultimate Arena