The Fight Before Christmas – A Word from Triverske President Troy Bonneau

Gamers, 9 year olds, and everyone else who happens to use our products by rare chance,

It has come to my attention that one of Ultimate Arena’s most valuable participants, Donald J. Trump PewDiePie is in dire need of our help. In a matter of days the accolade of Most Subscribers on YouTube will be lost to the Indian Bollywood conglomerate “T-Series”. While normally we consider ourselves mid-tier Bollywood fans, we must set aside our biases and protect the titles of our fighters.

We’re launching an all-out attack. Starting today the latest Ultimate Arena update “The Fight Before Christmas” is rolling out to hundreds of thousands of people. In every corner of every match the subscriber counts for both PewDiePie and T-Series are listed, along with a Defcon number to indicate the severity of the situation. On the title screen is a direct link to PewDiePie’s YouTube channel. This update will last through the end of the month, at which point there are 3 outcomes.

If PewDiePie holds his title through the end of the month we will add 12 features that fans request (“The 12 Features of Christmas”

If PewDiePie loses his title, but gains it back by the end of the month we will add the 12 Features of Christmas, but also add T-Series as a fighter

If PewDiePie is overtaken by T-Series at the end of the month, we will remove Ultimate Arena from Steam.

With your help, we can prevent this Bollywood takeover.


Troy Bonneau
President of Triverske


As an aside, I think it is important that a company not hold the top subscriber count on YouTube. Part of what made the site so great from the beginning was random people submitting content and random people getting popular. It’s a bit ironic that Triverske, a company, is supporting PewDiePie but we’re no T-Series.

triverske / December 6, 2018 / Ultimate Arena