SUPER CIRCUIT BREAKERS | Beta Update + Schedule

Hello everyone,

We’re thrilled that so many people are interested in helping iron out the last few issues with SUPER CIRCUIT BREAKERS as well as giving us some much needed feedback on the game’s revamped gameplay and new gamemodes. For a very modestly staffed studio like ours this is tricky so we ask for your patience as we work through this together.

Before we get to the schedule I have one more thing to address. The original press release had some info regarding the Labyrinth gamemode which we won’t have available at launch. We’d still like to see Labyrinth in the game, so we’ll update you when we have more information. Labyrinth has been replaced with a new gamemode that we’re internally calling “Homewreck” that has already been tested in-house and will be ready when the beta launches. Homewreck is Circuit Breakers’ most competitive gamemode yet, and will feature user-made levels, global leaderboards, and other social features.

The SUPER CIRCUIT BREAKERS beta will launch on May 7th at roughly 1PM CST. We will try to get a key to all that signed up through the official form. (Here’s a link to that) Our discord will be a central discussion location for those who have questions or feedback that need more immediate responses, but there is also a feedback button on the main menu if this is more convenient. We expect there to be at least an update a day with bug fixes and improvements during the beta.

SUPER CIRCUIT BREAKERS will launch on Steam on May 14th. The base game will be free to play and include the 4 original Circuit Breakers (Aldo, Shelby, Samson, and Tay) absolutely free. Individual characters beyond these 4 will be available for purchase or a discounted package that includes all the characters will be available as well.

Thanks for playing! Your support makes our work possible.

Troy Bonneau
President of Triverske

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