Orbital Drop Shipping | Available on STEAM

A mashup of physics and business simulation – Orbital Drop Shipping puts you in charge of the galaxy’s next big dropshipping operation. Get payloads to their port while avoiding gravity wells and black holes!

  • Place Cannons, Slingshots, and Mass Drivers around the galaxy to get payloads from a factory to a port
  • 30 action-packed scenarios ranging from easy to difficult
  • Pro Challenges adds additional optional difficulty to every level
  • A built-in level editor & STEAM Workshop support for sharing + downloading levels
  • Support for Ultrawide and High Framerate Displays
  • STEAM Achievements and STEAM Cloud Save support

We can’t wait to share and play levels with you soon in the STEAM Workshop. Thanks for playing!

Find Orbital Drop Shipping and the Orbital Drop Shipping Demo on STEAM Here

triverske / February 16, 2024 / Uncategorized