SUPER CIRCUIT BREAKERS | Beta Update + Schedule

Hello everyone,

We’re thrilled that so many people are interested in helping iron out the last few issues with SUPER CIRCUIT BREAKERS as well as giving us some much needed feedback on the game’s revamped gameplay and new gamemodes. For a very modestly staffed studio like ours this is tricky so we ask for your patience as we work through this together.

Before we get to the schedule I have one more thing to address. The original press release had some info regarding the Labyrinth gamemode which we won’t have available at launch. We’d still like to see Labyrinth in the game, so we’ll update you when we have more information. Labyrinth has been replaced with a new gamemode that we’re internally calling “Homewreck” that has already been tested in-house and will be ready when the beta launches. Homewreck is Circuit Breakers’ most competitive gamemode yet, and will feature user-made levels, global leaderboards, and other social features.

The SUPER CIRCUIT BREAKERS beta will launch on May 7th at roughly 1PM CST. We will try to get a key to all that signed up through the official form. (Here’s a link to that) Our discord will be a central discussion location for those who have questions or feedback that need more immediate responses, but there is also a feedback button on the main menu if this is more convenient. We expect there to be at least an update a day with bug fixes and improvements during the beta.

SUPER CIRCUIT BREAKERS will launch on Steam on May 14th. The base game will be free to play and include the 4 original Circuit Breakers (Aldo, Shelby, Samson, and Tay) absolutely free. Individual characters beyond these 4 will be available for purchase or a discounted package that includes all the characters will be available as well.

Thanks for playing! Your support makes our work possible.

Troy Bonneau
President of Triverske

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BRING IT DOWN! | Available on Steam, Viveport

We’ve launched our first VR game, BRING IT DOWN! on a multitude of platforms (and more to come in the future!) Here’s a short intro to the game:

Get ready to raze hell and become an explosives expert / demolition worker in MIRROR QUEEN’s latest game: BRING IT DOWN!

BRING IT DOWN! challenges the player to demolish structures given a limited supply of explosives. Your grasp on physics will be heavily disputed as you make your way through a variety of levels and weapons.!/

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The Fight Before Christmas – A Word from Triverske President Troy Bonneau

Gamers, 9 year olds, and everyone else who happens to use our products by rare chance,

It has come to my attention that one of Ultimate Arena’s most valuable participants, Donald J. Trump PewDiePie is in dire need of our help. In a matter of days the accolade of Most Subscribers on YouTube will be lost to the Indian Bollywood conglomerate “T-Series”. While normally we consider ourselves mid-tier Bollywood fans, we must set aside our biases and protect the titles of our fighters.

We’re launching an all-out attack. Starting today the latest Ultimate Arena update “The Fight Before Christmas” is rolling out to hundreds of thousands of people. In every corner of every match the subscriber counts for both PewDiePie and T-Series are listed, along with a Defcon number to indicate the severity of the situation. On the title screen is a direct link to PewDiePie’s YouTube channel. This update will last through the end of the month, at which point there are 3 outcomes.

If PewDiePie holds his title through the end of the month we will add 12 features that fans request (“The 12 Features of Christmas”

If PewDiePie loses his title, but gains it back by the end of the month we will add the 12 Features of Christmas, but also add T-Series as a fighter

If PewDiePie is overtaken by T-Series at the end of the month, we will remove Ultimate Arena from Steam.

With your help, we can prevent this Bollywood takeover.


Troy Bonneau
President of Triverske


As an aside, I think it is important that a company not hold the top subscriber count on YouTube. Part of what made the site so great from the beginning was random people submitting content and random people getting popular. It’s a bit ironic that Triverske, a company, is supporting PewDiePie but we’re no T-Series.

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ULTIMATE ARENA: SHOWDOWN Minigame Test Night May 3rd

Arena Fans,

Please join us on Mixer as we hold the first public test of minigames in ULTIMATE ARENA: SHOWDOWN. We’ll be collecting data on a variety of things and the more people we have testing the better we’ll be able to identify problems before release.

Thanks to Mixer support you don’t need much to test the minigames, just signup for a Mixer account and join us on our stream at and you’re practically done! You’ll be able to play the games in your browser or the Mixer app.

The test will begin at 7PM CST on May 3rd, 2018. We’ll update you if plans change!


Troy Bonneau
President of Triverske

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Hello Arena Fans!

Since the end of February you’ve been doing a fantastic job submitting bug reports, feature requests, and even clothes to be in the game. We’re grateful for the most excellent fanbase and it’s time to address some of the things that we’ll be working on in the near future, and the timeline for those features.

Minigame Mode

Minigame Mode, or “Showdown” as it will be referred to in the game is our next big priority. While we’ve had Showdown in mind for the whole duration of development there’s still a good deal of work to be done before we can let the public loose. Showdown will launch with 5 minigames and more will be added every month, we’re aiming for 20-25 for the actual release later in the year.

Showdown is taking a bit longer than we originally hoped, but these things happen and we hope you’ll understand.

Mixer Support

Part of the reason Showdown will take some more time is because we’re adding Mixer support to the game. We’re still working through the details, but the short and sweet news is that you’ll be able to play Showdown with people online, whether that’s your friends or your followers is up to you! Mixer allows people who are watching your stream to interact with the game, and in the case of ULTIMATE ARENA: SHOWDOWN they can play minigames the same way a person sitting next to you on the couch can!

We’re saving a lot of the cool features until this launches, but later this month and early next month we’ll be hosting streams on Mixer where we’ll be testing minigames with our followers. Tune in to get a sneak peek and play a couple rounds with us!

The Showdown + Mixer Update

The last question is “When can I expect this update?”, to which we respond “Mid-May would be nice”. There’s a couple more things we need to get done, and we’d like everyone to be decently pleased with the state of the game. About a week out we’ll give you the heads up sometime on Twitter.

We can’t wait to get this in front of you, it’s seriously exciting to share this update with you.

Troy Bonneau
President of Triverske

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How to Make Clothes for ULTIMATE ARENA: SHOWDOWN

Starting in version 1.1.9 anyone can submit clothes they want to see in ULTIMATE ARENA: SHOWDOWN to the Steam Workshop. This page of information is here to help you create content efficiently.

Note: We cannot accept clothes items with copyrighted/trademarked material on them (i.e. no Coca-Cola shirts, Batman shirts, etc) and these items will be removed.

Fighter UV Map Photoshop File

First you’ll want to download the fighter UV layout (These two pictures or the Photoshop file above), Schmoes in ULTIMATE ARENA: SHOWDOWN each use 1 texture for the whole body. You’ll want to leave the parts that you’re not using completely transparent for the best results.

Start by going to the Schmoe editor and hitting “Create Workshop Clothes”, that will bring you to the page that lets you try textures on a model and upload to the workshop.

Here’s an example of what a shirt looks like:

As I mentioned before, you’ll want to make the parts you aren’t using transparent, otherwise your clothing item will be a full-body suit.

Once you’ve done that, fill in the Title and Description and select what kind of clothing item it is in the Type dropdown. if your item covers more than one type, set it to the one you think better describes it and we’ll handle the technical side if it gets accepted into the game. Hit upload to workshop to (almost) publish to the Steam Workshop.

Navigate to the ULTIMATE ARENA: SHOWDOWN Workshop page and you’ll see something close to this, click “Your Files” under “Your Workshop Files” and then click “Items you’ve posted”

Fill out the remaining information and hit finalize and that completes your workshop item!

You might be wondering, “How can I upload 3D models and test those?”. We aren’t quite ready to start accepting 3D models into the game, as we are still working on a way to make that easy and fast for content creators. There’s a couple roadblock that we’re going to have to overcome before we release that functionality publicly but know that it’s in our plans for the near future. In the meantime the quickest way to prepare yourself is to become familiar with the game and watch our news feeds for more info.

Happy Creating!


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Announcing, a place to exchange Garlicoin for Video Games

Today Triverske is proud to announce the beginning of, a new way for developers to sell their games for the digital currency Garlicoin. Unlike many other sites, only distributes 100% authentic Steam keys straight from the developer, and is not a key reselller.

We’re working on a storefront that will be simple to use and highlight some of the games that are available forsale. In the meantime, we’ve setup a bot on discord that can sell games to you starting today!

If you’re interested in selling your game on reach out to us at


Buy games via discord

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Circuit Breakers Remastered HDeluxe | Coming 2018

Circuit Breakers, Unite!

If you’ve grown tired of endless content updates have we got some incredible news to share. Circuit Breakers has a new look and it’s more gritty, more cinematic than the last time you saw it. Circuit Breakers Remastered HDeluxe features zero gameplay improvements over its predecessor and more bloom per pixel than its competition.

“We were really excited to add physically based rendering to Circuit Breakers” Triverske President Troy Bonneau said, “The game is more cluttered and difficult to see, but you definitely are getting a true cinematic experience. Our engineers have outdone themselves and made the game run at a near-solid 24 frames per second”

Great graphics comes at a price though, Circuit Breakers Remastered HDeluxe will be available as a $44.99 standalone title or $43.99 for existing owners of Circuit Breakers. “It’ll be worth it” Troy said, “Everyone understands the more you pay for a game, the more you like it.”

Circuit Breakers Remastered HDeluxe comes out late 2018, with the option to delay to 2019 or maybe never.

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ULTIMATE ARENA: SHOWDOWN Hits Steam February 16th!

Arena Fans, A Special Announcement!

ULTIMATE ARENA: SHOWDOWN is launching on Steam February 16th, so clear your calendars and return to the Ultimate Arena like never before. (Okay, perhaps a little like before)

We’ll have fun events going on surrounding the release, including the chance to get some in-game items that will only be available for a limited time! Best of all, anyone who owns the original game will be receiving a 50% off coupon for the sequel. We want to thank our fans for being the very best and we hope that you’ll join us for another exciting development cycle. Watch our social feeds for the latest info!


Troy Bonneau
President of Triverske

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With ULTIMATE ARENA: SHOWDOWN occupying 3 entire dimensions comes extra work that needs to be done. Fighters no longer look like tiny white stick figures, but fully animated 3D models with facial features, hairstyles, and most importantly clothes. Clothes are the main source of progression in ULTIMATE ARENA: SHOWDOWN as they allow you to make more unique fighters for your arena.

When you begin playing ULTIMATE ARENA: SHOWDOWN you’ll notice after your first few games you’ve amassed a small collection of clothes for your fighter wardrobe. Each article of clothing is good for 1 fighter, so if you want two people to be wearing red shirts you’ll need two red shirts. Eventually you might find yourself in need of a specific article of clothing to make a character perfect. On PC we’ve set things up with Steam to where you can trade clothes you don’t need with your friends (a clothes-swap if you will) or even list them on the Steam Marketplace if you think someone else might be willing to pay a couple cents for them.

Our job here at Triverske is to make sure that you have plenty of options when it comes to clothing, but we know we’re not going to be able to satisfy everyone. In March of 2018 we’re going to open up the Steam Workshop for ULTIMATE ARENA: SHOWDOWN where anyone can submit clothing and other users will vote on what gets to make it into the game (subject to our approval, of course). Since Ultimate Arena has always been a community oriented game, we feel this is the best way to make sure the community is able to affect the future of the game.

Of course, this begs the question “What’s in it for content creators?”. All clothes in the game are available for free, but are randomly dropped. For items that the community votes into the game this remains true, however to support whoever created it you’ll be able to purchase it directly for the equivalent of $1.00 in whatever currency you use on Steam. A portion of these sales will go to the item creators as a thank you for contributing to the game. We’ll talk more about that when we’re rolling out Steam Workshop support, but I wanted everyone to be on the same page well in advance of the release of that functionality.

We sincerely hope you’ll enjoy creating characters and trading clothes with each other, it’s one of our biggest new features in ULTIMATE ARENA: SHOWDOWN!


Troy Bonneau
President of Triverske

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