Circuit Breakers | Version 3.0

The biggest update to Circuit Breakers is coming VERY soon! Circuit Breakers 3.0 marks the end of our content updates, but rest assured we’re packing in as much stuff as possible to keep you entertained for years to come. So what kind of content are we talking about? Glad you asked! Among several bugfixes and quality of life improvements we’re adding 4 new characters, a new gamemode, and several new challenges to you all at the low price of FREE!

We’ll be detailing things better as we move closer to release, but know that this update will be coming to all 3 platforms (PC, XBOX One, and Playstation 4) at about the same time. We don’t have a date nailed down as things have to be translated, patched, and tested before we can send this out. We’re hoping for November so we can call it an anniversary update but we’re not making any promises. Expect to see some new videos and photos in the coming weeks!


Troy Bonneau
President of Triverske

triverske / October 16, 2017 / Circuit Breakers

Circuit Breakers | Buying Guide

With the XBOX One and PS4/Pro versions of Circuit Breakers right around the corner you may leave yourself thinking which version is best for you. This quick guide aims to outline the pros and cons of each version, but know this: we have worked endlessly to make sure that all platforms have the best experience and know you’ll be pleased with your choice.


The PC version of Circuit Breakers has been out since November 2015, and is usually the first platform to receive bugfixes and updates. It can be purchased through Steam or a variety of other retailers and offers a solid experience on even low end hardware such as laptops.

+ Great Performance on almost all Hardware
+ Works well with Steam Cloud Saves & SteamOS
+ Play with up to 6 Players Simultaneously
– Configuring Controls can be a bit of a hassle to Setup


The XBOX One version of the game being released in August is likely the best version of the game if you’re wanting to play with more than 4 players. We hope to make an XBOX One X patch for the game but we currently do not have the tools required.

+ Play with up to 6 Players Simultaneously
+ Compare in-game Stats with your Friends
+ The Best Feeling Rumble in Video Games
– Some Effects have been toned down to better fit the Hardware

Playstation 4 / Playstation 4 Pro

The PS4 version of Circuit Breakers which comes on Tuesday (July 25th, 2017) is the first console version available on the market and makes great use of the Dualshock 4. The PS4 Pro version increases the amount of onscreen effects and crystals to make the game more lively and enjoyable.

+ The Lightbar and Speakers on the Dualshock are put to Good Use
+ Share Play lets you play Online with Friends
+ (Pro) Increased Crystal Count & Effects
– Only 4 players are supported


As a final note, I’d like to stress how all three versions target a ROCK SOLID 60fps and you’ll be pleased with the game no matter how you play it. Have fun and I hope this guide can help you make a more informed decision.


Troy Bonneau
President of Triverske

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STICK ENGINE — A Brief History

In June 2005, our universe separated into two timelines. In one timeline video games would continue on to where they are today, in the other timeline internet stick games would become so popular a new video game console — called the “Stick Engine”  — would rise in popularity.

The Stick Engine was an interesting piece of hardware, capable of TTSPS rendering (Ten Thousand Sticks Per Second Rendering) among other features like widescreen 360p output, a strange choice headed into the HD era. No other console was capable of running stick games quite as good, which helped propel it to the top of the charts in November 2005 ahead of the XBOX 360 and the Nintendo DS. Stick Engine cartridges were limited in size, but allowed for much faster loading than its competitors in the stick market.

The Stick Engine was spherical in shape, much like the head of a stick figure and didn’t quite fit in with anyone’s living room aesthetic. A very confusing advertising campaign entitled “Play it up” featured historical paintings with the Stick Engine badly photoshopped in. Despite these decisions the Stick Engine woulds sell millions of units in its first year, a bizarre phenomenon in the gaming world.

The engineers at Triverske discovered the Stick Engine after asking around the dark web for stupid game ideas which lead to a quick hop across dimensions and a stolen Stick Engine from a random stranger’s home. We’ve reverse engineered all the system’s functions and created a faithful representation of what the hardware was capable of. Soon on Steam Early Access you’ll be able to pick up our version of Stick Engine which includes the developer kit for a clean $4.99.

Until then, check out our Greenlight page here.


Troy Bonneau
President of Triverske

triverske / May 25, 2017 / Stick Engine

STICK ENGINE — Now on Steam Greenlight!

STICK ENGINE is Triverske’s latest addition to the lineup and we couldn’t be more excited to share with you a unique set of tools that will allow you to make some crazy stick shenanigans.

We’ve engineered a toolset to allow you to quickly create campaign and multiplayer stick games and once you’re happy with the result you can share it with the world using Steam’s Workshop. As with all our past titles we’re committed to providing support and updates for years to come and are working on new methods to better engage our community.

We’ll also be putting the best foot forward as far as content goes, included with STICK ENGINE is RYU SPHERE, a short campaign and multiplayer setup that you can learn and build off of. We’ll be providing more details on that in the coming days.

Click here to go to the Steam Greenlight page for STICK ENGINE


Troy Bonneau
President of Triverske

triverske / March 9, 2017 / Stick Engine

triverske / October 18, 2016 / Trigger Palace

Triverske Announces Trigger Palace — Coming 2017

Next year Triverske’s Trigger Palace will be arriving on Steam.

In Trigger Palace you become Trigger, a rogue outlaw who makes a risky deal with Death in order to return to the world of the living. Trigger Palace is a fast-paced first person shooter with many procedural elements, taking full advantage of everything Epic’s Unreal 4 engine has to offer.

More information will be available during and following the Trigger Palace Kickstarter campaign.

triverske / October 6, 2016 / Trigger Palace

Ultimate Arena | Steam Workshop

Ultimate Arena 2.0 (which is now out by the way) brings Steam Workshop support. You can now share characters, maps, and events with the world without digging into the game files. It’s quite fantastic.


Although we’ve made the character, event, and map making process quite easy, it can be a pain to amass a large library of content. The Steam Workshop fixes this problem by letting you click on the item you want then hitting subscribe. The next time you start up the game Ultimate Arena your new stuff will be there. Pretty cool right?


And if clicking on something and hitting subscribe was simply too monotonous for you the community has gone ahead and made collections of different types of content. With a single click you too can get all of the “Communist Leaders in History”. All in all, Ultimate Arena is better than ever with the overflowing amounts of new content.

Check out Ultimate Arena on Steam if you’ve somehow avoided adding it to your library by now!


Troy Bonneau
President of Triverske


triverske / August 23, 2016 / Meta, Ultimate Arena

Ultimate Arena | Map Editor

Probably the largest request feature wise since release was the ability to have more control over the maps in the game. The Map Editor is a work in progress 2-3 months in the making.

The Map Editor allows you to create your own in-game maps and share them with others via the Steam Workshop. If you choose you can have an image overlaid on top to give your map a unique look.

The Map Editor and more is out with Ultimate Arena 2.0, so check it out when you get the chance!


Troy Bonneau
President of Triverske

triverske / August 8, 2016 / Meta, Ultimate Arena

Ultimate Arena | Event Circles

Since the game was released events have affected every character on the map, regardless of position. With Ultimate Arena 2.0 we introduce a massive change in the way this system works. I’d like to introduce you to Event Circles.

Screenshot 2016-08-02 21.30.44

Event Circles allow players to more carefully plan out attacks, selecting only a specific area of the arena to impact.

Screenshot 2016-08-02 21.31.47

The size of Event Circles is easily changeable, so you can hold grudges against specific fighters if you’d like.

Screenshot 2016-08-02 21.32.31

Alternatively, Event Circles can be massive and replicate the effects of how events behaved before this update.

We hope that Event Circles will bring an extra level of depth to the event system, we think you’ll enjoy them after you get the chance to try it out! Event Circles will be included in the 2.0 update coming August 20th, so mark your calendars.


Troy Bonneau
President of Triverske

triverske / August 2, 2016 / Tech Blog, Ultimate Arena

Official Statement Regarding the Cancellation of Ultimate Arena Product Keys

On Saturday July 30th, 2016 we decided to promote Ultimate Arena’s release by giving out 30,000 copies for free to users who subscribed to our newsletter and followed us on Twitter. Thanks to our great fans the promotion mostly went off without a hitch, but we noticed a large number of copies (5-6+) were being obtained by single IP addresses which violated our rule of one copy per customer.

Roughly 10% or 3,000 copies had to be cancelled as we will not tolerate those who intend to take advantage of us. It’s likely that these people intended to resell Ultimate Arena via unauthorized distributors.

There is a possibility that we had to cancel keys that were obtained fairly, and we’d like to offer our most sincere apologies. We are happy to replace your key if you contact us via Twitter or Facebook. If you have any questions regarding this incident please contact me directly at, we have a strict transparency policy and we intend to uphold it to the best of our abilities.


Troy Bonneau
President of Triverske

triverske / August 1, 2016 / Meta, Ultimate Arena