Orbital Drop Shipping | Available on STEAM

A mashup of physics and business simulation – Orbital Drop Shipping puts you in charge of the galaxy’s next big dropshipping operation. Get payloads to their port while avoiding gravity wells and black holes!

  • Place Cannons, Slingshots, and Mass Drivers around the galaxy to get payloads from a factory to a port
  • 30 action-packed scenarios ranging from easy to difficult
  • Pro Challenges adds additional optional difficulty to every level
  • A built-in level editor & STEAM Workshop support for sharing + downloading levels
  • Support for Ultrawide and High Framerate Displays
  • STEAM Achievements and STEAM Cloud Save support

We can’t wait to share and play levels with you soon in the STEAM Workshop. Thanks for playing!

Find Orbital Drop Shipping and the Orbital Drop Shipping Demo on STEAM Here

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SUPER CIRCUIT BREAKERS | Beta Update + Schedule

Hello everyone,

We’re thrilled that so many people are interested in helping iron out the last few issues with SUPER CIRCUIT BREAKERS as well as giving us some much needed feedback on the game’s revamped gameplay and new gamemodes. For a very modestly staffed studio like ours this is tricky so we ask for your patience as we work through this together.

Before we get to the schedule I have one more thing to address. The original press release had some info regarding the Labyrinth gamemode which we won’t have available at launch. We’d still like to see Labyrinth in the game, so we’ll update you when we have more information. Labyrinth has been replaced with a new gamemode that we’re internally calling “Homewreck” that has already been tested in-house and will be ready when the beta launches. Homewreck is Circuit Breakers’ most competitive gamemode yet, and will feature user-made levels, global leaderboards, and other social features.

The SUPER CIRCUIT BREAKERS beta will launch on May 7th at roughly 1PM CST. We will try to get a key to all that signed up through the official form. (Here’s a link to that) Our discord will be a central discussion location for those who have questions or feedback that need more immediate responses, but there is also a feedback button on the main menu if this is more convenient. We expect there to be at least an update a day with bug fixes and improvements during the beta.

SUPER CIRCUIT BREAKERS will launch on Steam on May 14th. The base game will be free to play and include the 4 original Circuit Breakers (Aldo, Shelby, Samson, and Tay) absolutely free. Individual characters beyond these 4 will be available for purchase or a discounted package that includes all the characters will be available as well.

Thanks for playing! Your support makes our work possible.

Troy Bonneau
President of Triverske

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BRING IT DOWN! | Available on Steam, Viveport

We’ve launched our first VR game, BRING IT DOWN! on a multitude of platforms (and more to come in the future!) Here’s a short intro to the game:

Get ready to raze hell and become an explosives expert / demolition worker in MIRROR QUEEN’s latest game: BRING IT DOWN!

BRING IT DOWN! challenges the player to demolish structures given a limited supply of explosives. Your grasp on physics will be heavily disputed as you make your way through a variety of levels and weapons.



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Announcing grlc.games, a place to exchange Garlicoin for Video Games

Today Triverske is proud to announce the beginning of grlc.games, a new way for developers to sell their games for the digital currency Garlicoin. Unlike many other sites, grlc.games only distributes 100% authentic Steam keys straight from the developer, and is not a key reselller.

We’re working on a storefront that will be simple to use and highlight some of the games that are available forsale. In the meantime, we’ve setup a bot on discord that can sell games to you starting today!

If you’re interested in selling your game on grlc.games reach out to us at developer@grlc.games

Visit grlc.games

Buy games via discord

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Circuit Breakers Remastered HDeluxe | Coming 2018

Circuit Breakers, Unite!

If you’ve grown tired of endless content updates have we got some incredible news to share. Circuit Breakers has a new look and it’s more gritty, more cinematic than the last time you saw it. Circuit Breakers Remastered HDeluxe features zero gameplay improvements over its predecessor and more bloom per pixel than its competition.

“We were really excited to add physically based rendering to Circuit Breakers” Triverske President Troy Bonneau said, “The game is more cluttered and difficult to see, but you definitely are getting a true cinematic experience. Our engineers have outdone themselves and made the game run at a near-solid 24 frames per second”

Great graphics comes at a price though, Circuit Breakers Remastered HDeluxe will be available as a $44.99 standalone title or $43.99 for existing owners of Circuit Breakers. “It’ll be worth it” Troy said, “Everyone understands the more you pay for a game, the more you like it.”

Circuit Breakers Remastered HDeluxe comes out late 2018, with the option to delay to 2019 or maybe never.

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A New Ultimate Arena is on the Way!

Arena fans,

It’s been a long time since our last update, we’ve got pretty good reason though! Ever since Ultimate Arena left Early Access we’ve been discussing ways to expand upon the game and improve its current feature set and today I get to share with you our plans for how we’ll be moving forward.
ULTIMATE ARENA: SHOWDOWN is arriving on Steam Early Access for $4.99 in January. Owners of the first game will be able to pick it up at a nice discount. We’ll have more info on that before release.

There’s a few questions to be answered, the first of which is why we are choosing to make a sequel to the original game instead of changing the current version. We have a brand new engine powering Ultimate Arena, for the first time you’ll be able to view things in not 1, not 2, but 3 entire dimensions (a 50% increase over the original).

Characters will be able to be designed in our new creator and users will be able to upload new clothes and accessories that can be accepted into the game via the Steam Workshop. We think people will get a lot more mileage out of character creation now that you’ll be able to actually see what they’re doing and what they look like.

As you might be able to guess, these changes are a little too big in scope for our original engine to handle. If you’re a fan of the original we have a treat for you as well. Behind the scenes we’re working on a patch to make it 100% complete and clean up some of the bugs that have found their way in over the years. It’s our thanks to you for being great fans and making Ultimate Arena a Steam bestseller.

When we launch in January, ULTIMATE ARENA: SHOWDOWN is going to feature a mode we’re calling “Classic Mode”. Classic Mode is the simulation you’ve come to know and love, but made better with 3D action and more options than ever. The real treat is a little further down the road. In March we’re adding “Minigame Rumble” where fistfights are replaced with minigames. Your dream of Donald Trump vs Kim Jong Un beating each other to the death with oversized hammers will soon be reality. With Minigame Rumble we also get to address a major feature request: you’ll finally be able to play as a character in the arena. In fact, you’ll be able to play Minigame Rumble with up to 4 people on the same screen. We know you’ll love it, and we’re especially looking forward to the incredible content that the community is known for.

We’re working on getting more details ready, you’ll be hearing from us really soon!

Troy Bonneau
President of Triverske

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